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This macro/app is intended to help you easily understand the meaning of keystrokes.
It will take the current keyboard layout, and the currently typed keys, and display the key equivalent of the currently typed keys to help you with the interpretation of the text you see on the screen.
You can also see the key equivalent of every keyboard key in the macro, and can use this information to switch back and forth between the keyboard layout and the unicode layout easily.
STEP 1. Open a new app.
STEP 2. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, double-click “Keyboard Setup” to open the “Keyboard Setup” dialog.
STEP 3. Click the “Keyboard Type” tab to open the “Keyboard Type” dialog.
STEP 4. Click the “Automatic” radio button to have the application check the keyboard layout and types.
STEP 5. If you wish to keep checking the keyboard layout and types, click the “Continuously” radio button.
STEP 6. If you want to check the keyboard layout and types only when you are typing something, click the “When typing” radio button.
STEP 7. If you are done typing, click the “OK” button to return to the “Keyboard Setup” dialog.
STEP 8. Click the “Close” button to return to the app.
STEP 9. Type the first letter of the string you want to see translated.
STEP 10. Click “Run Macro” to open the macro/app.
STEP 11. The app will open and start scanning the current layout.
STEP 12. The app will display the key equivalent for the currently typed key.
This macro/app will stop when it recognizes the key you have just pressed, or it reaches the end of the “Macro Text”.
STEP 13. The macro will be finished and the app will close.
STEP 14. If you wish to see the key equivalent of every keyboard key, click “Options” to open the “Options” dialog.
STEP 15. Click “Key equivalent for all keys” to see all the key equivalents, regardless of which keyboard layout you have.
You may click “OK” to close the dialog, or “Cancel” to close the “Options” dialog and go back to the macro/app.

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CMD gets the displayed filename, display size, bitrate and duration.
NOTE: all macros can be dragged and dropped directly to foobar2000!
If the files are not displayed in the order you see, drag and drop to the browser or the playlist and they will update.
– Music browser for the list of files.
– More options for formats/tags/artists/genres and metadata tags.
– Uninstaller
– Save bookmarks, favorites and more.
– Optimize for Win7 or Win10.
– ctrl-t fix
– new option: buttonsize
– fixed: statusbar position on Windows 10
– msi installer
– fixed: problem with windows 7 os if the controller (hp610) is connected
– fix color palette bug
– fixed: toolbar hiding
– added: pathbar
– added: statusbar progress bar
– added: stackbar
– added: infobar
– fixed: stuck tooltip
– fixed: glitch in “Clear All”
– fixed: bug in “sort” option
– fixed: problem with “save” on some configurations
– initial release
– multiple rows support
– fixed: tray icon position
– fixed: menu bar
– fixed: toolbar drag and drop
– fixed: bug in alt+tab
– fixed: complete path (for ui columns)
– fixed: handling of directories
– added: new bar
– added: new statusbar options
– added: new back button
– added: new back key
– added: new menu options
– added: new main options
– added: scrollbar
– added: new property options
– added: new option to select a file by text
– added: new property
– added: new settings
– added: new keymappings
– added: new button for selecting files
– added: new info bar
– added: new search bar
– added: new status bar
– added: new menu
– added: new list view
– added: new property
– added: new history
– added: new search options
– added: new option to select by artist
– added: new window options
– added: new menu options
– added: new option to select a folder by text
– added: new properties
– added: new keym